Editor's Choice
Ivy Street Design

There's something to be said for versatility—especially when you're talking about a landscape architect. It takes rare talent to craft memorable spaces in settings as markedly different as a postage-stamp patch of grass in Stapleton, un unkempt backyard in Congress Park, and a sprawling estate in Denver's suburbs. Wendy Booth, founder of Ivy Street Design, has that gift. She focuses on usability (plenty of room for seating and nooks for relaxing) and functional amenities (built-in grills and cozy fire pits) while still considering her client's likes and dislikes, such as planting easy-to-care for bushes or specific flowers in the garden.

Reader's Choice
B. Gardening Landscape Design

Whether you have a rooftop patio in LoDo or a tricky backyard in Wash Park, the pros at B. Gardening Landscape Design will find a way to make that outdoor space beautiful and, most important, livable.