Editor's Choice
B Nails

We were in a fog of deadlines in preparation for taking a week off work for a tropical vacation. On a friend's tip, we headed to B Nails for a compulsory pre-toes-in-the-sand pedicure and were greeted by a welcoming space and a sociable team of cosmetologists. We sat back in the massage chair, green tea in hand, and completely zoned out. It was exactly what we needed to get in vacation mode. Better yet: Although the pedicure was a bit pricey, it stayed chip-free for a month—sand and ocean be damned.

Reader's Choice
Fingers & Toes, A Nail Retreat

This aptly named, comfortable salon has dazzled our readers for the second year in a row. Tip: Make a pedicure appointment on Wednesdays between 2 and 5 p.m. and get a free mini manicure.