1. The Big Game | Feb. 7

Why: Because the Broncos’ performance in Super Bowl 50 will probably be the only thing your coworkers want to talk about on Monday. There are loads of places to watch, including Interstate Kitchen & Bar, which has free shots after a Broncos touchdown. Read more about the big game here.

2. Ace Eat Breathe | Feb. 14

Why: Come for the free CorePower Yoga session and stay for some ping pong (not free, but worth it) at Ace Eat Serve.

3. CarniVail’s Fat Tuesday Parade | Feb. 9

Why: Colorado just doesn’t have enough winter parades, especially ones that are followed by a free concert.

4. Denver Botanic Gardens’ Free Day | Feb. 15

Why: If it isn’t snowing, check out what plants are starting to wake up for spring. If it is snowing, a stroll through the grounds is a pretty sweet date idea.

5. Printed Page II at Abecedarian Gallery | Opens Feb. 19

Why: Obviously, we’re big (read: obsessed) fans of words, which is why this art-meets-literature exhibit is a must-see.

6. The Denver Bouldering Club’s Meetup | Feb. 13

Why: DBC’s monthly event is a much more inventive Valentine’s Day date option than the standard dinner-and-movie.

7. Tour the National Center for Atmospheric Research | Your choice

Why: You want to better understand exactly why it is so hard to predict the weather—especially in Denver.

8. Food Lover’s Book Club: Cheese | Feb. 10

Why: Talking about cookbooks while noshing on free cheese samples is exactly what you need to make a Wednesday better.

9. Denver Film Society’s X-Files Screenings at the SIE FilmCenter | Various Dates

Why: You missed Mulder and Scully more than you realized.

10. Western Museum of Mining and Industry’s Lecture on “Cheyenne Mountain at 50” | Feb. 11

Why: If you only know about Cheyenne Mountain because of Matthew Broderick’s performance in WarGames, you’re due for a quick history lesson.

Looking for more things to do in Denver? Check out our events calendar.

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Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner
Natasha Gardner is a Denver-based writer and the former Articles Editor for 5280.