The holidays are supposed to be a season full of cheer, but sometimes shopping can be downright dreadful. If you’re going the fashion route this season, you’ll really need to zero-in on the recipient’s taste and style; otherwise, you risk looking like you’re not paying attention (not good) or offending (worse). Here are a few fashionable gift ideas that are sure to make your loved ones merry this season.

JMFT Industries’ Mountain Modern Tote
$340 (pictured above) 

Denver-based accessories designer (and Project Runway alum) Julie Tierney combines classic Western themes with modern utilitarian style in her JMFT Industries line. Her Mountain Modern Tote is a high-country must-have for any Colorado fashionista. Tierney’s handmade tote is made from iconic Pendleton wool and U.S.-milled Duck canvas bottom, accented with English bridle leather straps from Montana that are set with copper head rivets. It’s a handsome, all-American piece to carry in any environment—whether in the city or at any ski resort. Bonus: Inside, Tierney always includes a random “surprise” pocket to stash small items and essentials.

Posa Apparel’s Scarves
Starting at $89

Last year, Denver-based Posa Apparel launched with a unisex update to the basic scarf, which melds function with fashion. This version zips up the middle and buttons at the side, making it easy to adjust and stay put. Add on-trend fabrics like animal print, buffalo check, tweed, and bison wool and you have a cool, Colorado take on a wardrobe classic.

—Photo by Robert Medlock

ClothRoads’ Slouch Bobble Hat
$96, available in purple, blue, red, and orange

Loveland is the HQ for web retailer ClothRoads, which showcases global textiles, accessories, and fiber art. My holiday fav is the Slouch Bobble hat created by Colorado textile and product designer Bonnie Shupe. She worked with artisan weavers in Cusco, Peru, to create vibrant designs that retain the motifs and techniques of the traditional Peruvian alpaca hat.

Nina Nyguen’s Harmony Necklette
$495; find a retailer here

Designer Nina Nyguen’s jewelry spans the diverse (and arguably dissimilar) worlds of both Asia and Colorado. Although all of her pieces are designed in her Lafayette studio, they’re handcrafted by skilled artisans in her Vietnam-based women’s co-operative. Nyguen’s style combines colorful, organic gemstones—think geodes and fossilized marine molluscs—with a bold look and understated elegance. New for Spring 2016 is Nyguen’s Harmony Necklette, a necklace that can also be wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet and comes in all 12 vibrant birthstone colors.

$12/month for two pairs; $132 for one year (plus one month free)

Fashion subscription services have become a wardrobe problem-solver because they’re easy to use and convenient (plus, it’s like getting a gift delivery once a month). BootayBag takes the hassle out of shopping for underwear by sending—you guessed it—two pairs of cute panties each month according to the style profile you fill out. A great gift for the gal who hasn’t got time to shop for herself or can’t be bothered. Bonus: There are no cancellation fees.

Petal & Leaf Holistic Aromatics 
$24 each; Vert Beauty, 3442 W. 32nd Ave.; 303-623-8378

For the gal craving an authentic fragrance—meaning one not made from chemicals, like many mainstream versions—choose one of seven scents from Petal & Leaf Holistic Aromatics. Inspired by reading about the history of perfumes created prior to the late 1700s (when synthetic materials started to be introduced into scent-making), Glenwood Springs-based founder and 20-year perfume industry veteran Lara Claassen decided to work with two talented French noses to create a collection of all-natural scents from essential oils, absolutes and resins (all ingredients are listed on the box; a rarity in the perfume world). From the alluring fragrances—which include standouts like the rich, oriental floral notes of Ylang and Sandalwood—to the letterpress printed boxes, everything about this line has been thoroughly and beautifully cultivated.

Orgaid’s Anti-Aging Moisturizing Organic Sheet Mask
$38.50; Aillea Larimer Square, 1408 Larimer St.; 303-997-6209

If you’re going to give a beauty product, try a stocking stuffer that you and your closest gal pals can do together. Try Orgaid’s Anti-Aging Moisturizing Organic Sheet Mask for it’s all-natural ingredients (it’s even USDA certified). Orgaid’s version even uses Ecoderma fabric, which adheres easily to the face and allows for the skin to better absorb the hydrating serum. Buy a 6-pack to give to your mom and sisters, and host a spa evening with the girls over the holidays.

Nortrh Manual Vocational’s T-shirts
$28; Armitage & McMillan, 1550 Platte St.; 303-284-6222

Rock n’ Roll is one of the most iconic fashion styles in U.S. history. It’s this classic time period that streetwear designer Alyasha Owerka Moore—think PF Flyers—mines for his latest brand, North Manual Vocational. Billed as “Atomic Age apparel for the man of the future,” the graphic, cotton T-shirts are the first item available from the recently launched, yet expanding line. Pick up either the “Bombers” or “Wood Shop” shirt for your own budding Rock ‘n’ Roller.

Gusterman’s Silversmiths Money Clips
$125 and up; Gusterman’s Silversmiths, 1418 Larimer St.; 303-629-6927

A money clip may sound like something only Don Draper would use, but it actually makes a lot of sense in our technology age. After all, how much money does a guy actually carry these days? If he wants to completely ditch his wallet, these handsome, handmade versions in sterling silver by Gusterman’s are custom adjustable to accommodate any amount of money and business or credit cards he may want to carry.

Miansai’s Hook On A Rope Bracelets
$62; Steadbrook, 46 S. Broadway; 720-441-1891

Beyond a good-looking watch, I’m not usually a fan of men’s jewelry. But the American-made and handcrafted pieces by cult accessories brand Miansai are simultaneously cool and masculine. Their Hook On A Rope bracelet features U.S. military-grade rope and a metal hook for a simple, clean design that’s beautifully executed. Tip: These bracelets sell out fast, so either check-in with Steadbrook on what’s currently in stock or ask them to special order one for you.