This year, 5280 editors named Andrea Schumacher, principal of Andrea Schumacher Interiors, the city’s top interior designer in Top Of The Town 2017. Her portfolio, which encompasses private homes and commercial projects (you’ve seen her work at Fluff Bar and Lime restaurant downtown, and at Mateo restaurant in Boulder), more than hints at the personality behind the designs: glamorous, colorful, bold, and not at all afraid to think outside the box. To get to know her even better, we asked Schumacher these 10 questions about what makes her—and her inimitable designs—tick:

What sparks your creativity?

Art! I love looking at any and all art. And fashion! Runway images are so inspiring. Here’s my Pinterest page for fashion, and how’s this for color?

What inspires your designs?
Getting to know my clients, how they live their lives, the things they choose to buy for themselves, colors they like, and places they’ve been.

Does your experience as a Hollywood set designer influence your residential designs?
Getting to watch movie sets being built was an incredible experience; it was highly creative. Creating a living space is different, in that it’s a backdrop for the real lives of those who inhabit it.

Has today’s heightened awareness of design—thanks in part to design blogs, reality TV shows, and Instagram—changed the way you work with clients, or their expectations of you?
These days, everyone has an appreciation for design, which is a good thing. Good design leads to happier lives, and the awareness allows more people to want good design. But TV shows, which have to condense the design process, can create unrealistic expectations for clients. We don’t pump out the same design for each client, so for a truly curated home, it takes time and patience. Sometimes the best product is handcrafted—and worth the wait.

“I am interested in changing emotions through good design.”

Do you pay attention to trends?
I do and I don’t. I love looking at what “they” say is trending, but overall, a design is about the client. I’m big on keeping the trendy items to easily exchangeable pieces, say a pillow or accessory.

Is it safe to say that you love a good pattern?
Yes, I do love pattern. You only live once! Doing it well is an art. The obvious [way to incorporate pattern is with] wallpaper, but I’m digging it on a ceiling or fireplace too.

Any current design obsessions?
All things luxurious. We are currently wrapping a fireplace in fur. I’m also digging pink living rooms—but let’s call it “blush.” I’m crushing on trends in lighting too, like pieces by Avram Rusu Studio,  and all things Paris Flea Market, like this amethyst chandelier and this brass-and-Murano-glass Sputnik chandelier.

Share a quick decorating trick that makes a big impact.
Add a little black in every room—add an accessory or paint a chair.

If you could design a space anywhere in Colorado, what and where would it be?
I’d love to do a boutique hotel in Aspen. I have visions in my head of the marriage between mountain life and elements of luxury living brought in from around the world. Call it mountain-modern with a travel vibe.

Any upcoming projects we should keep an eye out for?
We are in the works to do the model units and sales office for the St. Paul Collection in Cherry Creek North—super exciting!

Andrea Schumacher Interiors is located at 2406 W. 32nd Ave., Ste. D; 303-458-6462;