How much time is too much time when it comes to a white-collar criminal? I’d say the 100-year sentence imposed on financial fraudster Will Hoover by a Denver judge is excessive. Hoover bilked his clients out of $13 million. Bernie Ebbers got 25 years in the $11 billion WorldCom fraud while a few days ago, Dennis Kozlowski received 8 to 25 years in the Tyco case. The District Attorney in Hoover’s case answers that he may only have to do half his sentence because he may get paroled. Even if true — and that’s questionable, considering that just because one is eligible for parole doesn’t mean the parole board will grant it — that’s still 50 actual years Hoover will have to do. Generally, the longer the sentence, the more secure facility one goes to. Will Hoover be housed with violent offenders like murderers and rapists? Hoover is appealing his sentence. I hope the court grants him some relief.