Here’s one delightful, hand-picked dozen that’s guaranteed not to wilt. Rather than showing affection with flowers this year, why not toast those you love with a lineup of Colorado beers? Whether in person or via Zoom, it’s easy to raise a glass of heart-felt hops. We rounded up 12 decadent stouts, silky porters, berrylicious wheats, and zesty sours—a smattering of suds that don’t rely on over-the-top romantic gestures to say “I love you” on February 14.

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Berliner x Sour Ale from WeldWerks Brewing
With an outrageous list of ingredients, this dark ruby red beer smells and tastes like cherry cheesecake. Creamy and sweet, it’s brewed with dark chocolate, milk sugar, graham crackers, and cheesecake. Like some of the best things in life, it should be wrong, but it’s amazingly right.

Toasted Porter from Coopersmith’s
Fort Collins
A cask-drawn, spiced porter, this beer is less carbonated than the average pour—but it’s still packed with flavor. Expect a dark chocolate color with surprising cinnamon and vanilla notes at a manageable 5.7 percent ABV. Its velvety thick texture lingers on the tongue, just like a memorable kiss.

Blueberry Wheat from High Hops
Not only does this wheat ale have a fresh and formidable blueberry aroma, but you’ll also find a big, juicy flavor from the first sip to the last. It’s not overpowering, but definitely luscious and pungent with a surprisingly tart finish.

Shake from Boulder Beer. Photo courtesy of Boulder Beer
Shake from Boulder Beer. Photo courtesy of Boulder Beer

Shake from Boulder Beer
When chocolate meets beer, it’s a match made in heaven. This longtime Colorado classic is a favorite for a reason—the dark chocolate porter is as smooth as an immortal Barry White song. With its foamy head and fudgy mouthfeel, you can’t get enough of it, baby.

Espresso Love from Zwei Brewing
Fort Collins
This robust porter infused with Dazbog Caspian espresso is dense and dark. With notes of cocoa and heavy malt, you might not notice the hint of fruit at first, but featuring 40 IBUs (international bitterness units), this beer imparts a warm, toasty feeling along with a crisp dry finale.

Beehive from Bristol Brewing Company
Colorado Springs
A honey wheat? It’s the bees’ knees—just like your Valentine. With a hint of banana and clove, the sweet-tinged suds—with their charming unfiltered golden color—make a delicious treat to share with your sweetie.

Raspberry Blonde from 4 Noses Brewing Company. Photo by Kristin Owens
Raspberry Blonde from 4 Noses Brewing Company. Photo by Kristin Owens

Raspberry Blonde from 4 Noses Brewing Company
This fruit-forward, 6.3 percent ABV ale has a pretty Valentine-pink color and is a lively option for entertaining. The zippy, sweet-tart brew has a Belgian yeasty finish. Serve in a Champagne glass for extra flair and pair with syrupy French toast or crêpes to enhance the raspberry fruitiness.

The Bleeding Heart from Grimm Brothers Brewhouse
Velvety, rich, and flavorful, this silky peanut butter stout brewed with cocoa nibs is best enjoyed after dinner or on its own. With 30 IBUs, it’s like a liquid peanut butter cup, but not too sweet—the perfect balanced dessert to sip on.

Black Forest Cake from Epic Brewing
Five Points
This imperial stout aged in whiskey barrels with cherries and coconut is complex. Even through layers of flavors, the individual ingredients come through: dark chocolate, sweet cherries, and a hint of aged whiskey. Smooth, balanced, and at 11 percent ABV, it’s absolutely worth sharing on a first date.

Epic Brewing's Black Forest Cake. Photo courtesy of Epic Brewing
Epic Brewing’s Black Forest Cake. Photo courtesy of Epic Brewing

Super Blue from Our Mutual Friend Brewing
Pucker up with this sweet-and-tangy fruited sour brewed with blueberries. Despite the name, it has a light cranberry color and a sassy attitude—just like your the furry Valentine who always gets you (and would never stand you up).

Green Chile Ale from Soulcraft Brewing
Need to spice things up? This chile beer brings the heat with full-bodied flavor and a fiery finish. Made with roasted Pueblo and serrano chiles, it’s a peppery palate cleanser clocking in at a solid 5.5 percent ABV.

FlyteCo's Ski Plane Stout. Photo courtesy of FlyteCo Brewing
FlyteCo’s Ski Plane Stout. Photo courtesy of FlyteCo Brewing

Ski Plane Stout from FlyteCo Brewing
This American stout has a subtle aroma of pipe tobacco—and an air of mystery. Black as night and nuanced with dark bitter baking chocolate, the dry-as-dust finish makes a definitive statement while you reconsider previous life choices: Should I have gone on that blind date? Should I have another beer to figure it out?