Guilty pleasure #234: Reality TV.

I know, it’s shallow, mindless entertainment. I don’t care. Watching Denver native and teenybopper poster boy Ace Young last night on American Idol, I even felt kinda pround of the hometown boy. (He lives in L.A. these days, but grew up here and auditioned here.) Granted, I didn’t feel proud enough of Ace to actually vote for him (I’m digging that Chris Daughtry’s alt-rock spin on Johnny Cash though. Hot!). But still. He’s up there representing our town pretty damn well.

And in the never-ending progression of reality TV series, two staples are looking for the best of Denver. First off, anyone know of a super cute, totally successful single guy looking to make an ass of himself on TV with 25 women? Me neither, but producers for The Bachelor are sniffing around town and asking us networking types to inquire. So there you go. I guess after finding Fort Collins-born Dr. Travis for the last round, they’re thinking Denver’s a hot market for hot guys. I can’t disagree. This isn’t an official audition — that would be far too, well, vulgar for this oh-so-classy show — so if you know of just the right gent, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll connect you with the casting producers. And if I sound like I’m being a bit of a smartass, then just take a look at their proposed qualifications:

Producers are searching for men who are ambitious, charming and successful and who are looking to find love. Filming of this popular romance series will take place in an exotic, tropical location promising to make this the most romantic season ever! If you are an attractive, single 28-35 year old accomplished CEO, architect, lawyer, entrepreneur or businessman and think you can handle twenty-five beautiful girls, contact us NOW!

They left out the preference for over 6′ tall with killer pecs and chiseled cheeks, but you get the idea. Girlie girls want to cat fight over a real catch, you know.

If chick fights are more fun for you when they take place in the boardroom where men are encouraged to participate at will, then here’s another chance to hit the reality circuit. Head to the Ellie Caulkins Opera House (1375 Lawrence St.) this Saturday, March 25, for auditions for the next round of Donald Trump’s office squabbler The Apprentice. They’ll pass out wristbands at 9 a.m. and the interviews begin at 10 a.m. Get the details here, and try not to embarrass our city if you make it, k? You know, because… I’ll be watching you.