Denver-based production company Uptown 6 is creating a buzz in both the movie industry and the athletic world with its newest film project, 16-Love. The film stars Lindsey Shaw (Ned’s De-Classified School Survival Guide and 10 Things I Hate About You) and Chandler Massey (One Tree Hill and Days of Our Lives). Shaw plays Ally Mash, an over-achieving tennis star who gets sidelined after an injury. She coaches goof-off and unlikely tennis player Farrell (Massey), who needs to secure a scholarship in order to pay for college. Ally teaches Farrell how to win on the court—and he teaches her how to loosen up and enjoy being a teenager for once.

Director Adam Lipsius says he was drawn to the film from the beginning. “It read like butter,” he says. “I like the fact, frankly, that she screws stuff up. One of her biggest obstacles was herself. She made bad decisions and had real relationships. There was enough heart and enough soul in her journey to carry a movie.”

Uptown 6, Lipsius’ production company, is working with high school tennis teams across the country to raise money to help cover distribution costs. When school starts in January, students can sell tickets to 16-Love. In return, teams receive 25 percent of their total ticket sales.

Lipsius hopes to get the community involved, while generating revenue for local teams. “Often the difference between having a top-ranked program and not being able to compete at all is the money to go to a tournament or a session with a pro who can really up your game,” he says.

Teams are eligible to participate anywhere the movie plays. The movie also has a Kickstarter campaign, which ends Friday. Donors can choose from several levels of support, including the top tier where Lipsius personally screens the movie at a location of your choice.

16-Love premieres Friday, January 20th at Denver FilmCenter/Colfax. That same day, the movie will be available on cable or satellite video-on-demand, and through gaming devices. In the meantime, check out the trailer and the Making of 16-Love special here.

—Image courtesy of Uptown 6 Productions