To kick, or not to kick? That’s really not the question. The question is, do I sign up for DORK (Dutch Original Recreational Kickball) with the good players, or do I sign up to kick with the phys-ed rejects who worry more about not knocking over their beer cans than scoring a goal? Hmmm. It’s a tough decision. But I must say, kudos to the folks at who organize the kickball leagues (and many, many other sports) for distinguishing between “all levels,” “intermediate,” and “competitive” kickball leagues. It sucks to be the worst player on a really good team, and it sucks to be the only person who gives a crap about winning, too. I’ve been in both positions over the years, and of course it can take all the fun out of something that is essentially a grown-up version of a grade school playground game. So. I’m thinking I’ll stick with the all levels. Last year, my team was great fun — not necessarily great players — and I enjoyed the season immensely. Particularly the post-game socializing, but winning a few games? Hey, that wasn’t bad, either. Maybe next year we’ll put down the cold beverages and try harder. Then again, that might just ruin the fun.