At 8:30 pm, there are 45 Colorado counties under a snow alert. There’s a big storm coming, one that may dump 10 to 20 inches of snow between tomorrow and Thursday. I tend to view snow in the city as an annoyance. But when I’m in the mountains, it’s like a wonderful bounty. Two weeks ago I was in Telluride for three days and it snowed non-stop, day and night, for two of them. It was beautiful. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. I walked to the courthouse and back, walked along Main Street several times, from one end of the town to the other, stopping in stores and galleries. I walked to lunch and dinner. On every block there was a warm, cozy restaurant with a big fireplace and great wine. What a difference a few hundred miles makes. Or maybe not. I’m starting to think it’s not the geography so much as the automobile. Whether it’s Aspen, Vail or Telluride, once I’m there, I never get in a car. I walk outside, feel the snowflakes on my face, look up into the sky and watch the snow come down. I always have a camera and try to capture the snowflakes. In Denver, it’s about driving on ice. Getting into a cold car, brushing the snow off and waiting for the defroster to do its job. Trying to parallel park around big lumps of ice. Having to stop to fill up the tank or make a short trip to the grocery store and get cold all over again. Maybe if I were a tourist staying in a downtown hotel, I’d do the same things in Denver I do in the mountains and love it. So, I’m changing my attitude. Let it snow. Let it snow a lot. I won’t drive. I’ll work from home and watch the snow fall from the big windows in my living room. I’ll turn the fireplace on. I’ll walk over to Marzyks if I need food. Just maybe, if we get two feet or more, I’ll put on my snowshoes and venture out along 17th Avenue. I’m ready for a great snowfall. How about you?