The eight museums and dozens of galleries scattered throughout the Golden Triangle are cultural powerhouses, but the area’s other attractions are worth a gander. Urban Roots’ (1), 1000 Acoma St., plants and gardening supplies are perfectly suited for urban (read: tiny) spaces. Next, cruise down to Denver’s best sneaker store, the 400 (2), 1010 Bannock St., for limited-edition kicks. On Cherokee Row, the Spice Boys of the Rockies (3), 309 W. 11th Ave., features special-blend spices like Rocky Mountain Heat, a blend of wasabi and jalapeño. Studio Bini’s (4), 1030 Speer Blvd., quiet children’s boutique along fast-moving Speer encourages customers to slow down and shop awhile among the clothing, toys, and itsy-bitsy shoes. The folks at Gateaux Specialty Cakes and Pastries (5), 1160 N. Speer Blvd., have perfected high-altitude baking—whiffs of sugar-laced frosting lure in passersby for bites of cavities-be-darned concoctions. Home remodelers can peruse the 20th- and 21st-century-revival designs at Z Modern (6), 1150 N. Speer Blvd., while those with more traditional tastes can sort through the rugs and antiques at the Collection (7), 899 N. Broadway. Cuba Cuba’s (8), 1173 Delaware St., heaping platter of plantain chips dipped in a mango-habenero mojo makes for a great snack. Afterward, watch one of the Curious Theatre Company’s (9), 1080 Acoma St., 10th-season performances. Before driving home, stop to marvel at the Denver Art Museum (10), 100 W. 14th Ave., shining in the moonlight.