cake2Recently, while trying to find Vert Kitchen on south Pearl Street, I stumbled upon La Belle Rosette, formerly The Roast. This coffee shop is tiny–in fact, according to owner Scott Gilsdorf, it’s the second narrowest java joint in the U.S.–but the intoxicating lattes, tasty snacks, and friendly staff have already made it one of my favorite hangouts.

Aside from waffles and sandwiches, the biggest draw is Gilsdorf’s signature rosette cakes, mini rose-shaped treats made with almond paste. The decadent snack can be purchased as is, or dipped in chocolate, white chocolate, or caramel. I’ve tried the chocolate, but I have my eye on caramel next visit. Gilsdorf says that after a day or so, the cakes develop a drier, biscuit-like texture, which is all the more perfect for dipping in a cup of joe. Bring it on.

712 S. Pearl St., 303-733-0480