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Will Pho on 6th Stop the Restaurant Revolving Door?


What has been Sixth Avenue’s revolving door of restaurants–Hue Asian Bistro and before that Thai Thai Hibachi–is now Pho on 6th. And the new eatery, with a menu that favors Chinese dim sum and pho (traditional Vietnamese rice-noodle soup), might just be a keeper.

While the past restaurants opened to little buzz, the month-old Pho on 6th has already generated plenty of talk. Neighbors have traded info and tips: the robust Central City pho is not to be missed; the enormous, spindly sculpture just inside the door is a petrified tree root; after three incarnations, the dark-wooded space is still owned by the Thai Basil crew; and the steamed vegetable dumplings are worth a trip in themselves.


When I dined for lunch, I sampled several dishes (although the Central City wasn’t available) and made sure to try the veggie dumplings. Dunked in soy, these delicate carrot-and-cabbage-filled wonton bundles were by far the table favorite. Shaped like purses and double the size of regular dumplings, these were large enough to stand in for a very light lunch, or shared as an appetizer. And, at $4, they’re a bargain.

1312 E. Sixth Ave., 720-570-8800

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