Few sandwiches are more simple or tasty than the BLT—especially with the advent of summer tomatoes. Until recently, my old standbys included Vert Kitchen‘s (dialed up with fresh mozzarella) or Under the Umbrella‘s standard BLTA.

But joining that fine company of sandwiches is Marczyk Fine Foods‘ version. The Uptown market’s deli heaps white toast with crispy lettuce, juicy tomato, and slices of top-notch Niman Ranch bacon.

Bonus: The price tag for this gussied-up ‘wich might be the best part: $4.99.

Vert Kitchen, 704 S. Pearl St., 303-997-5941;

Under the Umbrella, 3504 E. 12th Ave., 303-256-0797;

Marczyk Fine Foods, 770 E. 17th Ave., 303-894-9499