The Colorado Rockies dropped two of three games to the San Diego Padres over the weekend, with yesterday’s 7-3 loss showing the Rockies outmatched by a team they should have beat. Purple Row points out that the Rockies’ biggest problem was a lack of offense, with even recent superstar outfielder Seth Smith going just 1-9 in the last two games.

The loss, coupled with the San Francisco Giants downing the Los Angeles Dodgers yesterday, puts the Rockies four-and-a-half games up on the Giants in the National League wild-card chase and three games behind the Dodgers for the NL West division crown. The Rockies better find some offense quick, as they head into San Francisco today for a crucial three-game stretch against the Giants.

The Associated Press writes that Tim Lincecum, known to most as “the Freak” for his off-the-charts ability, has recovered from a back injury and will pitch today. MLB Fanhouse notes that Lincecum will be followed by pitchers Barry Zito and Matt Cain, the same three pitchers that swept the Rockies a couple weeks ago.

If that happens again, the Rockies could still hold a game-and-a-half advantage over the Giants, but such a situation would pull the air out of the Rockies’ sails about as quickly as Kanye West ruined the mood at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

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