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How to Alter Your Thrift-Store Finds


thriftstores-main_fullIf you’ve spent several hours combing through racks of jeans in a thrift store, it can be disappointing to realize that, despite finding a designer brand in the perfect length, the waist needs to be taken in a few inches—or the looks-like-new pencil skirt is just a bit too long.

If you wish you had the skills to alter your thrifty finds, check out the Alterations and Restyled Clothing Workshop at Common Threads in Boulder. The class, offered weekly on Thursdays from 6-8 p.m., encourages you to bring in multiple garments that need to be resized or reworked, then shows you how to alter the clothes to fit. They even suggest bringing in old jeans and learn how to turn them into a skirt.


It’s best to have some sewing machine experience before taking the class, and while drop-ins are welcome, calling ahead is preferred. Also, note that the class is not taking place next Thursday, September 17. The cost is $45 per class, or $120 for three classes.

Common Threads, 2707 Spruce St., 303-449-5431

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