I’m very happy to report that Maximillian Potter’s “The Great Buffalo Caper,” which appeared in our January 2009 issue, has been selected to appear in The Best American Crime Reporting 2010, to be published by Ecco later this year. This is the second time Max’s work has been included in the anthology; the first was for “The Body Farm,” which was written while he was a staff writer at GQ, and appeared in the 2003 edition of Best American Crime Reporting. 5280’s inclusion in these kinds of best-of collections seems to be happening with increasing frequency. “Dan Hawkins and the Power of Positive Thinking,” our profile of the beleaguered CU football coach, was recently cited in The Best American Sportswriting 2009. And Mike Kessler’s “Out in the Cold,” was featured in 2008’s The Best American Magazine Writing. Congratulations to Max and our entire editorial team!