When Ototo Food and Wine Bar, the reimagined Den Deli, opens on Friday evening, I believe I can predict what the most talked-about dish will be. Among the jewel-like plates of octopus carpaccio and new-style salmon (all Sushi Den-quality, of course), sits an offering you can’t refuse: the egg in a jar.

This cozy concoction of truffle whipped potatoes, diced Serrano ham, American sturgeon caviar, and a poached egg comes briefly cooked and layered in a jam jar. When it arrives at your table, gently stir the creamy mixture together, and slather it onto toasted ciabatta. Add a garnish of diced red onion, and have a taste. This is comfort food realized in a single bite. You’ll share because you have to, not because you want to.

1501 S. Pearl St., 303-733-2503