When I first tasted Bliss Baking Company‘s breads, I was blown away. With each bite, the crusty, hearty loaves impart texture and wholesomeness. Hallmarks of any good bread, these qualities are especially difficult to ensure with gluten-free baking. And Bliss’ offerings are strictly gluten-free.

Baker and owner Catherine Boe rents kitchen space from Deby’s Gluten Free in southeast Denver, and she concentrates on just two types of bread: millet crunch and honey harvest. She has also crafted a special cinnamon-raisin loaf, perfect for the holiday table or simply toasting and smearing with butter. The bread, like all of Boe’s offerings, contains no refined sugar, packs a protein and fiber punch, and is made with as many local and organic ingredients as possible. Gluten-free or not, pick up a loaf and taste Boe’s craftsmanship.

Find Bliss breads at the Denver Urban Homesteading market, on menus at Vert Kitchen and Gaia Bistro, and here.