The state Legislature is already halfway through its 120-day session, and although jobs were supposed to be a major focus, neither Democrats nor Republicans have much to boast about in terms of creating legislation to improve the situation (Denver Business Journal). While Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper says his meetings with businesses give him a better idea of the red tape barriers to economic progress, and Republican House Speaker Frank McNulty says “we’re off to a good start,” when pressed, party leaders can’t point to bills that would help spark job creation. Moreover, “many bills that were supposed to arise in those first two months have yet to be seen.”

Instead, the beginning of the session saw various bills related to illegal immigration, a major theme particularly for GOP leaders. But efforts to crack down Arizona-style haven’t made much progress around the country, including here (New York Times). And Republicans have whittled down proposals to do away with fees, including the reinstatement of the “dirty dozen” tax credits ended by Democrats last year, to just two (Denver Post).