Recent dinners have taken me all over the city from Fruition and Charcoal to Elway’s and Trillium. One of the most memorable dishes came this week at Barolo Grill. The entrée—uovo ravioli, pictured—had just come on the menu the evening I dined. It’s the very definition of a late-spring combination with English pea ricotta and a brilliant egg yolk packaged inside a pasta envelope. Puncture the ravioli and the yolk creates a silky sauce that blankets the crispy pancetta and the sautéed pea shoots and tricolored carrots.

Executive chef Darrel Truett says the dish reminds him of Barolo’s annual trips to Italy. Find it on the menu for the next six or so weeks and pair it with a glass of Scarpetta‘s Barbera.

3030 E. Sixth Ave., 303-393-1040