You were born and raised in Denver. What keeps you calling the city home?

I don’t think there’s a cooler city in the country. I love how outdoorsy and laid-back it is. I’m a Colorado boy through and through. My whole family is here.

What can we expect from the 1stBank gigs?

Both nights will be really different. We never want to treat the crowd to the same thing. It’ll be explosive and intimate, with a lot of new songs and new energy.

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What should we know about Dispatch’s new album, Circles Around the Sun [which releases August 21]?

The album comes out of all the joy and positivity of being back together. It’s a great representation of the best of rock, blues, folk, and world influence. It’s like if you put together Tom Petty, Ben Harper, and the Beastie Boys.

Playing Red Rocks last summer must have been pretty special after growing up in its shadow.

My high school band, the Wood River Bandits, had a picnic on that stage and took pictures pretending we were playing. So to be up there 15, 20 years later having a three-night stand and getting to look up at a crowd I’d imagined my entire life was magical.

Along with Dispatch’s work for education reform, you spend a lot of personal time and effort fighting poverty. Why?

I have the desire to fight for those who don’t really have much of a chance wherever I find them. Their story becomes a part of mine; my story becomes a part of theirs. I don’t feel like I’m fighting causes; I feel like I’m meeting my own family wherever I go—Denver’s Sun Valley, or Pine Ridge Native American reservation in South Dakota, or La Chureca, the trash dump community in Managua, Nicaragua.

What’s your go-to restaurant when you’re in Denver?

Sushi Den is number one. I’ve had sushi all over the world, including in Japan, and Sushi Den is as good as any. The Duffeyroll Cafe is my favorite for breakfast.

Heads up: Brad Corrigan’s new solo album drops in December.