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Wellness: Back-To-School Health Tips


Parents: Your kids are either back at school already or will be in the next couple of weeks (this coming Monday if they’re DPS). On one hand, if you’re an old pro at this, you might be rejoicing (hooray, some structure!). On the other, if your children have food allergies (according to the Children’s Hospital Colorado, up to three million kids in the United States are allergic to some type of food), you might be a little apprehensive to turn them over to someone else’s supervision.

You can’t hold your child’s hand every minute of the day; but what you can do—in addition to placing a certain amount of trust in your children to be conscious of their decisions—is heed these back-to-school tips from the experts at Denver’s National Jewish Health (NJH).


Food Allergies

Expert: Jennifer Moyer Darr, a NJH social worker who helps educate and coach families of food-allergic children.


Expert: Dr. Kirstin Carel, NJH assistant professor of pediatrics



Expert: Emily McCloud, MS, RD, NJH clinical dietician

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