I’m Canadian. I say that to preface the fact that I’ve long yearned to drive a Zamboni—the ice-cleaning machine that emerges like some mysterious beast from a cave between periods of a hockey game—because it’s such an iconic part of the sport I love. Lucky for me, the Ice Ranch, an ice skating facility in Littleton, hosts a Zam Camp. For $100, you’ll get 30 minutes of classroom time learning the history of ice maintenance—it used to take more than an hour for three to four people to clean the surface with shovels—before heading out on the ice. Depending on the number of people in your class, you’ll spend 10 to 15 minutes resurfacing one of the Ranch’s two rinks. The best part? You can drive solo after a few practice turns. Who knew cleaning up could be so much fun? Call for specifics on this year’s classes. 841 Southpark Drive, Littleton, 303-285-2110, theiceranch.com