To Russia, With Love | With our hallowed mountains and thin air, Colorado breeds—or, at least, seriously trains—Olympic athletes. In fact, this year the state boasts more than a dozen athletes seeking spots on U.S. Olympic squads. We talked with six local hopefuls looking to head to Sochi next month with Team USA.

Wishful Thinking | Our city is already pretty awesome. But we can think of a few things that would make it awesome-er. Like, say, a swimming hole we actually want to dive into, easy skiing access for kids, cheap boutique hotels in our hippest ‘hoods, a bigger NFL stadium, and more. Here we offer our 18 wishes—ranging from realistic to far-fetched—for making Denver an even dreamier place to live.

The Great Fitness Reboot | What happens when a soft-around-the-middle weekend warrior who’s staring down his 40th birthday heads to the University of Colorado’s Human Performance Lab? One man’s quest to rediscover his fitness.

A Taste of Home | Discover the Mediterranean inside Denver at Yaffa’s Savory Mediterranean Culinaria.

See Spot Play | Boost your pup’s IQ with doggy board games. Plus: Edwards’ BrewSki Bones turns beer grains into dog treats.

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