Amerigo Delicatus Restaurant & Market is one of my favorite restaurants to visit when the cold weather takes hold. The dim lighting, intimate space, and house-made pastas create a warm, welcoming, and homey atmosphere—especially when the snow begins to fall.

During a recent visit for a nightcap, I discovered the F’n Good cocktail. With a peppy blend of hibiscus liqueur, Byrrh (pronounced “beer”), gin, and lemon Pellegrino, the drink—like the restaurant itself—provides a perfect transition between the seasons with a robustness that’s belly-warming yet mellowed by flower and citrus notes. Owner Iain Chisholm calls Byrrh a “pretty unusual flavor.” Most commonly consumed as an apértif, the French drink is made from red wine flavored with quinine (a base flavor in many bitters that comes from the bark of the cinchona tree) and other ingredients like orange or herbs.

Sip the cocktail with a build-your-own charcuterie plate and welcome the cooling weather with open warms and a full belly.