On Saturday, more than 100,000 people flooded downtown for the Women’s March on Denver, one of hundreds of peaceful demonstrations that happened around the world this weekend in response to the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. Nationwide, the marches saw robust attendance (current estimates show that there were more than 3 million participants in the U.S. alone). The Women’s March on Washington—the March that started the movement—had to reroute due to its sizable crowd of an estimated 500,000-plus, and the Mile High City’s own gathering handily exceeded organizers’ expected turnout of 40,000 marchers. With more than 673 reported marches worldwide, the collective day of protest is being touted as the largest day of protest in U.S. history, with one in 100 citizens taking part.

Locally, the March’s mission was billed as an event that was for all Coloradans, with a threefold mission: 1) Protecting women’s biological and reproductive health; 2) Supporting and protecting the diverse communities of America and condemning hateful rhetoric and actions; and 3) Treating all people, regardless of gender, gender identity, race, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status, equally and equitably. A slew of local politicians also attended the festivities, including Mayor Michael Hancock, Speaker of the Colorado House Crisanta Duran, Rep. Joe Salazar, former state Sen. Morgan Carroll, Rep. Leslie Herod, and others.

View our gallery above for scenes from the Women’s March on Denver, and read more about the event and its organizers here.