In December 2016, the news broke: Bryan Dayton, co-owner of Boulder’s Oak at Fourteenth and Denver’s Acorn and Brider, had signed a lease for a new restaurant on the rooftop level of Boulder’s PearlWest building. Since then, Colorado diners have (im)patiently waited for more info. What will Dayton call his new spot? What kind of restaurant will it be? With co-owner Steven Redzikowski keeping his focus on Oak, Acorn, and Brider, who will be the chef? Finally, we have some answers.

Dayton announced this morning that chef Amos Watts has left Old Major to be his partner and head up the kitchen at the new PearlWest space, which will be called Corrida. Roughly translating to “bullfight” in Spanish—hint! hint!—Watts’ menu will feature the flavorful cuisine of the Basque region in northern Spain. What does that mean for diners? Steaks, seafood, and fresh Colorado produce, all prepared through a Basque lens. Dayton and Watts are still ironing out the details, and soon heading to Spain to conduct research (a.k.a., eat and drink their way around the region).

Corrida’s elegant dining room will have the city’s only unobstructed views of the Flatirons. Those views, plus Watts’ food and Dayton’s drinks, should give prospective diners plenty to get excited about before it opens this fall.