Much has been written about Caroline Glover’s first restaurant, Annette, which opened this past February at the hopping food-and-retail hub that is Stanley Marketplace (in fact, we named Annette the Best New Restaurant in our July Top of the Town issue). So I’ll be brief here: Go to Annette as soon as you can. Pop in for brunch to relish Glover’s buttermilk biscuits and superior grilled cheese sandwich or for happy hour to indulge in deviled eggs, spiced popcorn, and quality cocktails. Dinner is a must, as is ordering the perfect martini, a seasonal salad (like the now-off-the-menu butter lettuce version, made less virtuous, but light-years more delicious, thanks to snowlike drifts of shaved ricotta salata), and the sublime roasted chicken. Order the fries, too, which are the best I’ve had all year. Then say yes to pecan pie and to whatever flavor of from-scratch cookie ice cream sandwiches are on offer that day. Enough said. Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas St., Suite 108, Aurora, 720-710-9975