I’ve enjoyed excellent sushi-and-sake dinners sitting in Sushi Ronin’s dining room and at the long bar in the back of the cozy, cafe-light-adorned LoHi spot. But if you’re going to eat at Sushi Ronin, the best way to do it is to snag a spot at the 11-seat sushi bar and put yourself into executive chef and owner Corey Baker’s hands. He learned most of what he knows about “omakase” (chef’s choice) dining from local legend Toshihiro Kizaki at Sushi Den, so it’s no wonder he has an almost otherworldly mastery of his craft. Let Baker and his team guide you through all they have to offer—from sparkling sushi and sashimi to gorgeous Japanese-inspired hot and cold dishes to dreamy sakes—and you may find yourself thinking that LoHi is Denver’s new sushi center. 2930 Umatilla St., 303-955-8741