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Hummingbird Trumpet. Photo Courtesy of Raul Garcia

The 14 Flowers to Plant in Your Denver Garden for Season-Long Blooms

Use this list to ensure a lush plot all summer. Plus, check out our bonus list of plants that anyone can keep alive.

Fooolproof Plants

We tapped local garden experts* for this list of the easiest plants to keep alive on the Front Range.

Red Valerian
This staple perennial (the flowers are reddish-pink or white) blooms from May until the first frost and requires limited care (no deadheading!).

Ice Plant
The low-growing ground cover can handle direct sun exposure and prefers dry conditions (too much water will kill it). The dense blooms are also popular with honeybees.

Blanket Flower
This plant from the sunflower family has an extended bloom time, doesn’t need much water, and helps fill out your garden.

*The Experts
Dustin Bailey, landscape designer, Thunderbird Design
Brien Darby, manager of urban food programs, Denver Botanic Gardens







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