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10 of the Best Scenic and Historic Byways in Colorado

Colorado’s Scenic and Historic Byways: Dinosaur Diamond

An epic loop that extends into Utah, the Colorado section of this road (134 miles) features sites with dinosaur bones and ancient art.


Grand Junction to the Utah border

This trek, part of a 486-mile loop that crosses the Colorado-Utah border, is a safari of sorts—but with dinosaur remnants and ancient art instead of lions and elephants. Starting at Colorado National Monument, a rock climber’s paradise, our state’s portion of the road winds past areas replete with petroglyphs. Add in Dinosaur National Monument, where you can see a wall of bones from species such as the apatosaurus, allosaurus, stegosaurus (our official state fossil), and more, and you’ve got the makings of the original Jurassic Park.

Roadside Attraction

Take a step back in time while hiking in the Canyon Pintado National Historic District, a 16,000-acre area with archeological sites—including rock art from the Ute and Fremont cultures—you can view that date back to A.D. 1.

Photo credit: Richard Green/Alamy Stock Photo

’Grammable Spot

Snap a photo of Steamboat Rock, which looks a bit like a beached ship above the Green River.


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One of the state’s most historic bike races (the route dates back to the Coors International Bicycle Classic), the 41- or 62-mile Tour of the Moon threads riders through Colorado National Monument.

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