As I write this on April 7, there already isn’t much to say about COVID-19 that hasn’t been said. But what I can say with certainty is that the pandemic we’re living through has been difficult on local media companies, especially those, like 5280, who derive the bulk of their revenues from advertising. On top of that, magazines and their websites exist in a unique spot in the media ecosystem. We don’t deliver news as a commodity; we provide information via a distinctive voice, with a point of view, and as an experience. That’s why readers develop lasting relationships with magazine brands in ways they don’t with other journalistic enterprises. In a world in which life-or-death information changes from hour to hour, lifestyle journalism can struggle to find its footing. As we readied this issue, the new coronavirus pandemic enveloped the United States. We scrapped portions of the magazine that were already done to cover what is sure to become the story of a generation, and we updated articles to reflect our new reality. Our goal during this time is to bring you essential news and the coverage you’ve come to expect from 5280, both in print and at In turn, I hope you can commit—or recommit—to a lasting relationship with us by buying a copy of the magazine or, better yet, subscribing at

Wishing you and yours good health.