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Civic Center Park. Photo by Natasha Gardner.

What We Know About the Weekend Shooting in Downtown Denver

It was a violent weekend as dueling protests led to a shooting in downtown Denver. Here are the facts we know so far.

On Saturday, demonstrations in downtown Denver turned violent as a man was shot and killed amid dueling protests near Civic Center Park. The alleged shooter, who was hired by television station 9News to provide security for its reporters, is now being held without bail as part of a homicide investigation.

Misinformation about the suspect’s affiliation and motives began spreading quickly in the aftermath of the shooting, but we now have a clearer picture of what happened on Saturday, who was involved, and what charges the suspect may face.

Matthew Dolloff. (Denver Police Department via AP)

Here are the facts we know right now, which we’ve pieced together based on the work of local reporters and photojournalists who witnessed the event, as well as reliable information that has emerged since:

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