It’s on. The holiday party insanity started last weekend for me, with a great gathering of friends and past co-workers held at Uptown Tavern. KBCO promotion guru and all-around cool chick Alison Heller throws her “Holiday Groove'” there annually, and every year the party gets better. (Or maybe it just feels better now that I no longer have to work for the evil empire on a daily basis?)

Then there was our brand-new next-door neighbor’s party. He’s Jewish, so instead of a Christmas tree, he decorates a Hannukah bush. Otherwise his holiday bash followed the same tried and true traditions – booze, food, fun people, and more booze.

This week is gonna kill me though. Whereas this weekend I had Sunday to lounge around and nurse my hangover while ostensibly watchin Jake Plummer piss off his fans during the Broncos game, this week I’ll have no such luxury.

Tonight, Boulder’s Fox Theatre is closed to the public for their annual party, featuring a special appearance by Rose Hill Drive. And an open bar. I’m really going for the band. No, really.

Tuesday, aside from the Denver Divas monthly gathering, Mao is hosting their Golden Goddess charity fashion event. I can hit both. Maybe. There’s always Yellow Cab, right?

Wednesday night I’ll be sampling the new wine bar menu at Adega, something I’ve had on my must-do list for weeks. Two words. Wine. Bar. ‘Nuff said.

Thursday, I have brilliantly decided to host a party at MY house. I like to cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food. Seriously though, at least I don’t have to leave the house.

Friday, it’s time to multi-task with the best of ’em. I have three events to hit that night, starting with a friend’s company Christmas party. It’s for Big Orange Planet, an uber-groovy web design company, so this will be one office party that can’t be missed. Then hubby and I are off to a birthday celebration at Lincoln’s Road House, a sort of yuppified biker bar near Wash Park, and later we’ll hit the “Presence” holiday party thrown jointly by Westword and Lotus nightclub in Union Station.

Saturday is just as bad, but I’m hoping to hit the Blossoms of Light at the Botanic Gardens for a relaxing stroll before the heavy holiday party hopping begins.

You know where I’ll be next Sunday.

That’s right. Shopping. It’s my only day for hitting the gift list.

Anybody have a good recipe for a hangover helper? Please, clue me in.