Your house isn’t the only thing that’s due for a refresh this spring; those sore joints and irritated skin deserve a pick-me-up, too. Instead of splurging on the same old massage or manicure, though, try mixing up your routine with one of these trending Centennial State treatments.


You’d be surprised at the number of critters that end up in spa treatments. For example, most massage therapists can’t guarantee your mud scrub doesn’t have ground-up beetle parts in it. If the thought of crushed-up creepy-crawlies, well, creeps you out, consider Colorado’s growing number of vegan skincare options, such as the Spa at St Julien’s Pampered Vegan Treatment ($145). The package features a body scrub with 100 percent organic sunflower oil and finely ground sugar followed by a full body and scalp massage with wild lime and avocado oils—no insects involved.

High And Dry

Local massage therapists are well aware that Colorado’s elevation can wreak havoc on visitors’ bodies, triggering everything from headaches to nausea to vertigo. Their solution: acclimation treatments. The Four Seasons Vail Spa’s High Altitude Adjustment Cure ($325) includes a 75-minute massage with acupressure techniques to ease symptoms of altitude sickness and a take-home kit with goodies such as bottled oxygen to keep visitors breathing easy (OK, easier) on future adventures.

Cannabis Care

While Denver’s Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa and Lounge—where you’ll be able to vape to your heart’s content—waits on the city to approve its permit, cannabis-loving spa-goers can still relax courtesy of their favorite plant. For instance, Nature’s Root in Longmont turns locally grown hemp into topical treatments and partners with local spas, such as Veda Salon & Spa-Denver, to provide them to the public. Right now, Veda offers a hemp-infused therapeutic deep-tissue massage starting at $135 for 60 minutes.

Spa-Level Skincare

Photo courtesy of Sarah Boyum

A Longmont skincare line debuts products fit for an aesthetician.
Although Colorado Aromatics has sold its locally made skincare products to the public for almost four years, the Longmont company just launched professional-grade creams and serums (those designed exclusively for licensed aestheticians) in January. The line takes three of Colorado Aromatics’ most popular items—Springtide Gold face cream, Razz tightening serum, and Meadow Mist cleanser—and adds even more of their active ingredients (think: peptides to promote collagen production and hyaluronic acid to tighten skin). To reap the benefits of these amped-up products, you’ll have to head to a spa that carries them; right now, that’s Body & Face Aesthetics Skin Spa, which sits just a short walk from Colorado Aromatics’ production facility.

If you want to get really edgy (or New Age-y) with your spa services, check out Vive Float Studio+: You’ll find halotherapy, cryotherapy, float rooms, and more at the four-month-old Cherry Creek location.