We’re all banking on 2021 surpassing 2020 in pretty much every category except for those involving a “worst” modifier. And to make sure that happens—at least on a personal level—you may be looking for something to help you maintain your resolutions, instead of giving up on them halfway through January like in years past. Luckily, Colorado tech companies are here to provide an extra layer of accountability. So whether you’ve vowed to exercise more, surpass past fitness performances, get your Zen on, or shop for healthier products, there’s an app to keep you on track.

Optimize Fitness
What’s a new year without a fitness resolution? The Optimize Fitness app, brought to you by developers in Fort Collins, keeps your motivation going strong thanks to a library of close to 1,000 exercises designed to be done at home or the gym. The best part, however, is the app’s algorithm, which creates a training regimen based on your specific goals and fitness level (beginners welcome!). Detailed exercise descriptions and video tutorials keep your form on point, while multi-week plans drive you toward personal goals like building muscle or increasing flexibility. The app itself is free, but in-app purchases are available. Sorry Android-users; Optimize Fitness is only available in the Apple App Store.

If 2021 is the year you’ve committed to crushing your marathon PR or tackling your first Ironman, then TrainingPeaks is for you. Developed in Boulder, this app caters to athletes of all types with thousands of workout plans created by top-level coaches from around the world. Analytics tools break down your training visually into graphs and charts make it easy to track your progress on the customizable dashboard. You can also sign up to work one-on-one with a coach. TrainingPeaks offers a “basic” free version, but you will have to pay for each training plan or coaching session separately.

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body
We’re all hoping for a less stressful year, but you might want to download the Yoga Studio: Mind & Body app from the Zen experts at Louisville-based Gaiam just in case. In addition to mind-centering meditation and relaxation practices, the app features more than 75 different yoga classes (Hip Hop Yoga, anyone?) with options for beginner, intermediate, and full-fledged yogis. You can choose the area you want to focus on—strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance, or a combination of all—and class duration (options range from five to 60 minutes). Or, you can create your own class using “pose blocks” that stitch together a full video of self-selected poses. Pricing varies depending on selected features.

Most of us try to be conscious shoppers, but understandably (though unfortunately) brands making a positive impact on the world often make a bigger dent in our wallets. The Makeena app, developed in Boulder, aims to lighten the blow. Promising “healthy savings,” the free app lets shoppers earn cash back and other rewards for buying healthy, eco-friendly pantry, pet, and household cleaning products from Makeena’s partner brands, many of which are also Colorado natives (Udi’s bread, Bhakti Chai teas, and I And Love And You pet products, just to name a few). The process is simple: Shop wherever you normally do, toggle over to the app and scan the receipts and product barcodes, and then collect your rewards.