At the risk of sounding like a whiny teenager, life is hard. Thankfully, we live in a century—and city—with apps, websites, and programs designed to make our existence a little more manageable. See exhibits A through D below. Now if someone could just come up with an app that would solve the summer teen refrain of “I’m bored.” Oh, wait. They have that already: Snapchat.

HACK: Upgrade your iPhone case (and more) for free
The classic pre-Internet life hack—the good old library—is still reliably providing geeks with access to new technology. In Denver Central Library’s IdeaLab, that means 3-D printers. Three machines on-site allow patrons to build practical (or not) objects like iPhone cases, plant vases, fidget spinners, or Pokémon figurines—all for free. Projects just need to stay within the two-hour time limit (so, no, you can’t build a full-scale replica Iron Man suit).

HACK: Live like a VIP on game day without actually being one
We’ve all been in the nosebleeds at Coors Field and seen empty suite seats down below. Such a waste! No more. Denver-based SuiteHop lets sports fans and concertgoers book unused luxury suites. Fans can buy a single seat or reserve the whole thing through the three-year-old site, for corporate events or just a memorable game-day experience.

HACK: Outsmart Tinder
Most dating apps think of you as just another pretty, random face. Say Allo digs deeper. Launched in March by Denverite Zackary Lewis, the app “gets smarter as you swipe.” Translation: Say Allo uses face-mapping technology and social media data to learn your interests and physical type, making it that much easier to find someone who looks just like your ex—but without the crazy.

HACK: Stash your skis when you live in a studio
If there’s one conundrum every micro-apartment-dwelling Coloradan knows, it’s having too many outdoor interests and nowhere to store the gear that comes with them. Solution: Stow. Think of the Fort Collins–based app as Airbnb for your stuff. The six-month-old service allows users to rent empty garages, driveways, sheds, and other spare space to store cars, kayaks, boxes, skis, or whatever else fits. Rates typically start around $40 per month.

5280 Staff App Ideas
We may not be developers, but hey, we have ideas. (They’re still in the brainstorm stage, OK?)

ChillChef: Finds chefs who’ll make a meal with whatever’s in your fridge

CinderellUH: Dating app for Rockies fans similarly wondering if their success will last

NotToday: Alerts users if the day’s news is digestible or too infuriating to read