Dear string lights: We love the way you twinkle over patios and porches all over town, but this spring, we’re looking for a different way to light our outdoor rooms. Something with all your style and charm, but without the maintenance; something that can head to the mountains at a moment’s notice, or just chill on the deck for a quiet night at home.

We’ve got our eye on a few good matches—colorful lanterns, garden lights, and torches from Les Jardins Solar Lighting that are beautiful and eco-friendly. Each one is powered by a replaceable solar module that produces 500 lumens of dimmable, motion-activated LED light for up to 200 hours per charge, and is interchangeable across the entire collection. And, best of all, they’re completely portable. Ready to check out the competition?

les jardins tinka
The Tinka Solar Lantern in a modern orange hue. Photo courtesy of Les Jardins

We love this sturdy aluminum lantern’s simple, modern style and vibrant color options—including bold red, orange, and lime green. We’re picturing three in a row on the patio dining table—when they’re not boating with us on Lake Dillon, that is (we can dream, right?). Available in two sizes. $199

les jardins bump silo
The ultra-durable Bump Solar Lantern in Space Grey. Photo courtesy of Les Jardins

With a rounded and tapered 360-degree diffuser shell—made from the same plastic used to build kayaks—this lightweight lantern with a swinging handle strap would be perfect for the pool deck, campsite, or long walks on the beach. Available in Space Grey or red (our pick!). $199

les jardins tradition lantern
A tall Tradition Solar Lantern in a black aluminum finish. Photo courtesy of Les Jardins

Tall and slender, this pretty, classic lantern would make an elegant first impression on the front porch—or lighten the mood by swinging from the boughs of a sturdy old tree at a backyard soirée. Available in short or tall sizes and a natural teak or aluminum frame. $299–$399

les jardins torche lights
The Torche Solar Path Light comes in three sizes and multiple finishes; shown here in Duratek-coated teak. Photo courtesy of Les Jardins

Talk about easygoing: These modern takes on the tiki torch fit in just about anywhere—along a garden path, in a flower bed, around the campsite—and come in three sizes, multiple finishes (teak, Duratek-coated teak, or a rainbow of aluminum options), and two base options (a spike to plant or an attachable base). $259–$383

So we’re sorry, string lights. You’ve been fun, but we’re growing up and moving on.