It’s rare to find a playground that kids two to 12 years old will enthusiastically proclaim is their favorite. We found one: Westlands Park. The star of this 25.3-acre space is the innovative playground, which is surrounded by open space, sports fields, an in-line hockey rink, a summertime water feature, and a pond. Here are four reasons to make a visit before the weather turns chilly:

It’s like a secret fort.

Westlands in tucked into a business park area, but as soon as you get close enough to see the playground you’ll know it’s special. Kids can jumpstart playtime with a ride down a sweeping slide into the subterranean play area. Parents: You can walk down the adjacent steps if you aren’t into the slide, but I’d highly suggest trying it out once you drop your armload of gear.

The big kids can be big, and the little ones can be little.

The playground is broken up into three distinct play areas. To the south, a section for the littlest kids has swings for tykes, a high-sided sand pit, a tiny structure with two slides, and a couple playhouses. In the middle, a huge Lincoln Logs-inspired jungle gym stands complete with slides and bridges. On the north end, a rock climbing structure shaped as two hands holding a rock is the anchor of a free-play area geared toward older kids who want to test their balance and physical abilities.

Shaded lunch spots are just a short climb away.

Any parent knows that prying your kids away from the playground to devour a PB&J is tough. At Westlands, kids are tested to climb a two-level, tree-inspired climbing wall to an upper level picnic area. Bonus: The picnic tables are in the shade and clean restrooms are located right below.

Your kids will be tired.

To access the top of the slide that jets your kiddo into the playground, your little ones must bear crawl up a grippy surface, which they’ll want to do about 30 times. And after they take the time to run from each of the three play areas, they’ll discover a hidden ladder. At the top, they’re treated views into the forested area just south of the park. If they don’t want to climb back down the ladder, they’ll run back to the slide and start all over again.

If you go: 5701 S. Quebec St., Greenwood Village, 303-773-0252