Whether you’re searching for new art for your walls or just for some creative inspiration, these brand-new local exhibitions are the shows to know this spring.

David Maisel: Atlas
Where: Robischon Gallery, 1740 Wazee St.
When: Through May 4
What: In his photography and video projects, California-based artist David Maisel gives viewers a glimpse of landscapes that would otherwise be off limits. At this exhibition, the Guggenheim Fellow displays pieces from several series, each of which illustrates how humans have altered a different U.S. topography. Photos from the “Lake Project” highlight the depletion and chemical changes at Owens Lake in Southern California, while snapshots from “American Mine” show the effects of pit mining on the land near Carlin, Nevada.

“Adrift in a Sea of Nostalgia” by Valerie Savarie. Image courtesy of the artist

Tell Me A Story
Where: Balefire Goods, 7417 Grandview Ave., Arvada
When: April 5–28
What: Most people would agree that a book is a work of art, but not many would think to use books as art supplies. But book sculptor Valerie Savarie does exactly that: She cuts, sews, and paints antique volumes, transforming them into captivating pieces of visual art. Savarie remains faithful to the content of the original books, however. Each creation celebrates themes from the story told on its pages and remains fully bound.

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“Pitfire Pot” by Chuck Hindes. Image courtesy of the Plinth Gallery and the artist

Chuck Hindes: 10 Pots 10 Books 10 Prints
Where: Plinth Gallery, 3520 Brighton Blvd.
When: April 5–May 25
What: Potter Chuck Hindes’ work draws inspiration from Abstract Expressionism and the Japanese aesthetic principle of wabi-sabi, or imperfection as part of beauty. Rather than smoothing the edges of his ceramic pieces, he allows the surfaces to remain mottled. At this gallery show, you can view his pottery alongside a series of his prints and art books, all of which incorporate similar hints of gesture and spontaneity.

“Roots on Stone” by Carol Shinn. Image courtesy of Tansey Contemporary and the artist

Carol Shinn, A Solo Exhibition of New Works
Where: Tansey Contemporary, 1743 Wazee St.
When: April 20–May 27
Opening Reception: April 20, 1:30–3:30 p.m.
What: Fort Collins–based artist Carol Shinn’s work will fool you: What look like detailed, realistic photos are actually stitched compositions. To create each piece, the University of Colorado Boulder alumna starts with a photograph and transfers it to fabric before adding stitches that resemble penciled hatch marks. The result is a series of unconventional landscapes that invites viewers to pay more attention to the details in the natural world around them.

“Night Falls XXI” by Lisa M. Kerns. Image courtesy of the artist

New Works by Lisa M. Kerns, Eden Hall, and Megan Bray
Where: Pirate Contemporary Art, 7130 W. 16th Ave., Lakewood
When: May 24–June 9
What: This group exhibition offers an opportunity to explore very different mediums and aesthetic sensibilities at once. For viewers interested in pondering the beauty found in the natural world, painter Lisa M. Kerns will share a new series of abstract pieces inspired by the night sky. Collaborative duo Megan Bray and Eden Hall draw their inspiration from a more personal sphere: Their mixed-media art considers the ways in which sexuality and our relationships with others impact our identities.