Women in Abstraction

Where: William Havu Gallery
When: Now through July 27
What: Grab your gal pals and celebrate women at this group show featuring an all-star lineup of artistic ladies. British-American artist Monroe Hodder and Coloradan Amy Metier (work pictured above) draw inspiration from geometric abstraction as well as expressionism in their paintings, while Sheryl Zacharia plays with color and texture in her ceramic sculptures. Lola Montejo, Margaret Pettee-Olsen, and Laura Wait round out the impressive list of featured artists. 1040 Cherokee St.

“Technicolor Aspens” by Michelle Courier. Courtesy of the artist

Jump In!

Where: Westward Gallery
When: Now through July 31
What: The difference between you and Michigan-based artist Michelle Courier: She actually does something with her myriad vacation photos. At this solo show, the painter and gallery owner will show off a new collection of jewel-tone acrylic paintings inspired by water scenes she has encountered throughout the western United States. 4400 Tennyson St.

“Foundations” by April Cannon. Courtesy of Mai Wyn Fine Art


Where: Mai Wyn Fine Art
When: Now through July 13
What: Exploring this two-artist exhibition will feel like wandering through a garden filled with otherworldly plants. Ceramist April Cannon and printmaker Sharon Strasburg both work with abstract forms that are influenced by the natural world. Cannon’s work combines hard geometric angles with more organic shapes reminiscent of leaves and petals, while Strasburg’s laser-cut monotypes are inspired by landscapes she has seen during her cross-country travels. 744 Santa Fe Dr.

“Civic Center Park” by Jonathan Saiz. Courtesy of K Contemporary

Jonathan Saiz Solo Exhibition: Colorado Coastal

Where: K Contemporary
When: Now through July 6
What: For many of us, a hot summer day in the Mile High City inspires daydreams of tranquil beaches—but for environmental artist Jonathan Saiz, those toasty temperatures conjure images of rising sea levels. At his first solo exhibition, the local artist reimagines Denver landmarks in an apocalyptic, climate change–altered future. His small- and large-scale oil paintings aren’t exactly optimistic, but they’re an important reminder to consider our impact on the world around us. 1412 Wazee St. Unit 2

Photograph of mixed-media works by Gabriela Aguilo Firehammer and Josiane Childers. Courtesy of Mirada Fine Art and the artists


Where: Mirada Fine Art
When: Now through July 21
What: You’ll have to resist the temptation to touch the artwork at this group exhibition—featuring the Contemporary Artwork of Gabriela Aguilo Firehammer, Josiane Childers, and Justin Earl West—of highly textured pieces. Argentinian artist Firehammer uses wax and gouache paints in her ethereal encaustics, while Phoenix-based wife-husband duo Childers and West collaborate to create mixed-media works using acrylic paints, steel, and Plexiglas. 5490 Parmalee Gulch Rd. in Indian Hills