It happens every Thanksgiving: The turkey is still an hour away from hitting the table, and you’ve already exhausted all avenues of small talk with the in-laws. Before the conversation turns to politics—or worse, making some grandkids—we suggest setting up a new Colorado-developed tabletop game. You might have already heard of Denver’s Unstable Unicorns, the 2019 People’s Choice Toy of the Year Award winner ($20), in which opponents build unicorn armies to best their friends. Unfortunately, the mystical card game lasts only 30 to 45 minutes—which is why we found four more local diversions to have at the ready.

Fry Thief
The goal of this two-person battle is to eat as many fries (read: collect as many tokens) as possible. $20,

Potemkin Empire
Players construct 3D building facades to prove their village is more prosperous than their neighbors’. $30,

House Rules
During this boisterous game, competitors wield cards that allow them to change the rules with the stroke of a dry-erase pen. $25,

Fans of Settlers of Catan will dig its ancient Greece–themed cousin. $149,