With more than 120 craft breweries in the Denver–Boulder area, standing out among the crowd can be tricky. Some breweries are relying on more than just their beer recipes to draw in customers—they’re focusing on a niche atmosphere and ambience. Citywide, it’s not hard for craft beer drinkers to find a brew that satisfies their palate, and now it’s becoming even easier to find breweries with an atmosphere that matches their personality type. Here are a few of our favorite picks:

For the old soul: If your ideal evening includes crossword puzzles and knitting needles rather than twerking or krumping, Grandma’s House (pictured above) might be the place for you. Decked out in needlepoint, crocheted blankets, cuckoo clocks, rocking chairs and wood paneling, this brewery and taproom transports you to a simpler time with their bingo nights, Atari games, and Tetris tournaments. It’s as saintly as your grandma too: As a “collective brewery,” Grandma’s House helps out new breweries by allowing them to test recipes in their brew house and sell beer in their taproom. 1710 S. Broadway, grandmasbeer.co

For the metalhead: Anarchists and head bangers alike will revel in the all-black-everything tone of TRVE Brewing Co. and Black Sky Brewery. At TRVE, a dungeon-like feel combined with animal skulls and a touch of mysticism embrace the occult, while at Black Sky, it’s all about counterculture and heavy metal. Both breweries extend their love of the weird by incorporating unexpected ingredients into traditional beer styles. TRVE Brewing Co., 227 Broadway, trvebrewing.com; Black Sky Brewery, 490 Santa Fe Dr., blackskybrewing.com

For the kid at heart: Just because you’re old enough to be at the bar doesn’t mean you’re too old to play games. Finkel & Garf’s colorful, lighthearted vibe lets you forget your adult woes and tap into your inner child. Play games like Jenga, tabletop bowling, shuffleboard, and Legos while feasting on junk food your mom would never approve of—Twinkies, Goldfish, Cracker Jacks, and fresh-brewed root beer. 5455 Spine Rd., Boulder, finkelandgarf.com

For the bookworm: Fiction Beer Company owners Ryan and Christa Kilpatrick made a business out of their combined passions—beer and books. Well-read craft beer drinkers can appreciate brews inspired by literature (try the Green Tea Chocolate Milk Stout inspired by Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World), a bar made of stacked books by authors ranging from Michael Crichton to Sylvia Plath, and a quiet coffee shop feel. Fiction even acts as a mini library—borrow books from their bookshelf or donate unwanted books at your leisure. 7101 E. Colfax Ave., fictionbeer.com