Denver may have lost one of its most legendary bars when El Chapultepec shut down last year. But even if you can’t get a longneck with a side of jazz anymore, there are still plenty of quality dives within walking distance of Coors Field. (If you’re willing to go a little farther afield, visit our guide to the city’s best dive bars.) Before the first pitch—or after the final out—throw back a few at any of these delightfully divey Mile High City watering holes.

British Bulldog

The Vibe: London pub, by way of the Mile High City. You’ll find a pressed-tin ceiling, tile floor, and lots of football fans. And by football, we mean soccer.
What You’re Drinking: Guinness, Harp, or an English pale ale.
What You’re Eating: Fish ’n chips, or any of the Pakistani specialties.
Walking Distance from Coors Field: Thirteen minutes

Carioca Cafe (aka Bar Bar)

The Vibe: The grit and grime in Bar Bar accumulated over the years cannot be replicated in ersatz dives. Nor should it. This place is a true shithole, in the best possible way. Bring cash—credit cards aren’t accepted—put a few bucks in the jukebox, and drink in the ambience of the diveyest of the dive bars in Denver. (Or anywhere, for that matter.)
What You’re Drinking: Domestic brews in cans, most likely PBR.
What You’re Eating: You will not want to put anything in your mouth other than alcohol here. If you’re hungry, try Yazoo Barbeque Company across Broadway.
Walking Distance from Coors Field: Twelve minutes

Gerard’s Pool Hall

The Vibe: Calling this a dive might be a stretch, but it’s off an alley—which somehow makes it feel just shady enough to qualify. There’s a roomy pool hall with seven tables on the main level, and an intimate, retro-feeling bar upstairs.
What You’re Drinking: The classics: A Manhattan or a martini. Or try the Cue Libre, a punny play on the Cuba Libre, made with the Family Jones rum, Coke, and a dash of Luxardo cherry juice.
What You’re Eating: Order delivery from Adobo at First Draft or Vero Italian, which is in Denver Central Market.
Walking Distance from Coors Field: Thirteen minutes

Star Bar
Inside Star Bar. Photo by Lucy Beaugard

Star Bar

The Vibe: Slightly grungy, in the way all dive bars should be. The bartenders have a fondness for rum and tiki drinks, and the music ranges from progressive metal to Americana to rockabilly. There’s nothing particularly special about Star Bar; it just has a cozy amount of grit.
What You’re Drinking: Rum Old Fashioned (we suggest upgrading from the well rum to Plantation 5 Year).
What You’re Eating: Wings and fries from the Kings County Kitchen trailer in Star Bar’s parking lot.
Walking Distance from Coors Field: Five minutes

Whiskey Bar

The Vibe: Regulars and Ballpark neighborhood bros seek out this corner bar with a couple of video games, lots and lots of whiskey-related ephemera, and plenty of windows, so you don’t feel like you’re drinking in a cave.
What You’re Drinking: Whiskey, duh. At the time this story posted, there were 610 whiskeys to choose from, but we’re fans of moderately priced Kentucky Straight Bourbons, like Eagle Rare.
What You’re Eating: Grab a hot dog at the ballpark—Whiskey Bar doesn’t serve food.
Walking Distance from Coors Field: Seven minutes

Geoff Van Dyke
Geoff Van Dyke
Geoff Van Dyke is the editorial director of 5280 Publishing. Follow him on Twitter @GeoffVanDyke