This year marks the fifth anniversary of shared electric scooters arriving in the Mile High City. In an effort to control the two-wheeled tornadoes, Denver temporarily banned the vehicles in June 2018 until city leaders could set regulations to govern their use—rules locals have been ignoring ever since.

Rule #1

Official Rule: Scooters should not be ridden on sidewalks unless “actively parking, starting, or ending a trip.”
Street Rule: Curb ramps make for sick jumps. Plus, weaving from the sidewalk to the road and back again shaves at least 35 seconds off a trip to Coors Field.

Rule #2

Official Rule: Obey all traffic laws.
Street Rule: If Lycra-clad cyclists can run stoplights, so can scooter cruisers.

Rule #3

Official Rule: Don’t block the sidewalk.
Street Rule: Don’t block the sidewalk…unless it’s brunchtime. While the Sunday Funday gang is inside downing bottomless mimosas, pedestrians outside must navigate the tangle of handlebars left in front of the restaurant.

Rule #4

Official Rule: Vehicles should be parked upright at all times.
Street Rule: Lol

Rule #5

Official Rule*: One rider per scooter.
Street Rule: Potential romantic partners are exempt. Nothing is as passion-inducing as wrapping your arms around the cutie you just met at a patio bar in RiNo and zipping to their Capitol Hill apartment. (Their roommate also catching a ride to said apartment may kill said passion.)

*per Lime and Lyft

This article was originally published in 5280 June 2023.
Nicholas Hunt
Nicholas Hunt
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