One of the things I’ve become accustomed to as a performing musician is that the end of my workday often comes after a 10 p.m. rehearsal. My friends have graciously gotten used to grabbing nightcaps with me instead of happy hours. But my dining schedule is usually offset in such a way that I’m left scouring for a good late-night dinner just as most people are winding down with their last drink of the night.

And late-night food is often scaled back to nachos and fried mushrooms, so I was over the moon when I heard that Steuben’s, Denver’s iconic comfort-food diner, is offering a late-night special. Every night after 10 p.m., late eaters can choose from a burger or Chicago dog, a side (fries, coleslaw, or hushpuppies), and a can of domestic beer–all for $5.

Sidenote: There are many reasons to rave about Steuben’s, but does anyone else think they serve the best pickles in Denver? I’m thinking about pickling some cucumbers this summer, and I know who I’m going to be begging for a recipe.