It’s an understatement to say that the holidays can be stressful—from the mile-long TSA lines to the father-in-law who can’t resist bringing up politics at the dinner table. So do your favorites a favor and buy them something (locally made, of course) that’ll help them relax during their rare moments of free time this month.

For Your Teenager’s Stocking: Essential oils

Boulderite Kimberly Jonas was crafting small-batch essential oils—under the label BodyMantra—long before they became the new perfume. We’re especially fans of her new Spirit Animal Collection (owl for restful sleep, eagle for more perspective, etc.). Bonus: Order any Spirit Animal bottle before December 31, and Jonas will donate $2 of the proceeds to W.O.L.F. (Wolves Offered Life and Friendship) Sanctuary, a preserve northwest of Fort Collins that’s home to about 30 wolves and wolf dogs born in captivity.

$34–$46; available at

Photo courtesy of Bundles Gift Co.

For Your Neighbor Who Just Moved Here: Altitude Kit

Cece McKibben and Wesley Brown’s Aspen-based custom gift company, Bundles Gift Co., has knick-knacks to fit all your present-giving needs. One of their more unique offerings is an altitude kit, packed with goodies to help transplants adjust to Colorado’s high-and-dry environment. The package includes Resqwater (think: Gatorade but specifically for muscle recovery after exercise or heavy drinking) and an energy supplement called Acli-mate that counteracts the effects of dehydration, plus oxygen, sunscreen, ear plugs, lip balm, and mints.

$35; available at

For Your Sister With a New Baby: Sleep treatment

Ever accidentally fallen asleep during a massage? Normally, that’s acceptable, but it’s still a bit awkward to snooze while a masseuse is rubbing you. Enter Woodhouse Day Spa’s sleep treatments. Choose from four different sleep-inducing experiences: Our pick is the Deep Sleep Massage, in which a massage therapist will knead your head, neck, and shoulders with custom-made aromatherapy oils for 50 minutes and then leave you for half an hour to literally take a nap. And (and!) they’ll leave a cup of tea by your bedside for soothing sipping when you wake up.

$125; call Woodhouse Day Spa at 303-813-8488 (Denver) to book an appointment

Photo courtesy of CorePower Yoga

For Your Stressed-Out Coworker: Yoga Gift Card

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales may be over, but CorePower Yoga is still offering a discount on its gift cards: Spend $80 for $100 worth of classes at any of the yoga giant’s seven metro-area studios. We love the 8:30 p.m. Yoga 2 Candlelight sessions at the original location on Grant Street in Capitol Hill. If your giftee likes the extra challenge of downward dog by dark, suggest she mark her calendar for the special winter solstice candlelight class at the Stapleton studio on December 1 (one attendee will win a gear-filled gift bag).

$80; available at

Photo courtesy of Stacy Webb/Sesen Skin Body Wellness

For You: A Customized Skincare Consultation

Even for those of us (and by us, we mean other people) who don’t struggle with skin problems, keeping your outer layer healthy is difficult when you live in such a dry climate. Stacy Webb can help you there. She started her private practice, Sesen Skin Body Wellness, after horrible breakouts drove her to examine the science behind skincare (she has a degree in ecology as well as an esthetician license). Book an appointment for the Native Ritual Facial, designed specifically to hydrate and reduce inflammation, and she’ll also treat you to custom tips to make your epidermis clear and soft. But be prepared for a different service entirely; Webb sometimes changes the treatment once you come in based on what you need—instead of what you think you want.

$115–$175 for the Native Ritual Facial; book online at