Here’s a steal of a deal. Denver-based Suburban Home Records is cleaning out their offices, and that means that fans of local music can stock up their music collections on the cheap. They’re offering two versions of the clearing-house sale; 25 CDs for $25 or 50 CDs for $50. Either way, you’ll get a grab bag of music — punk, indie, emo, alt-country — from Suburban Home’s vast storage bins. From Suburban Home’s founder, Virgil Dickerson:

This is a perfect sale for someone looking to find out about new artists that they may have never heard and are looking for a bargain. My goal with this sale is to give a little bit of life to a handful of releases that maybe never got their just dues. Most of the acts represented incredible potential that for one reason or another didn’t quite make it not because they weren’t great, but because of any number of factors that cause incredible bands to stop playing. I guarantee that you will find many new releases that make it into your musical rotation and I also promise that you can expect at least one title from each of the following bands: The Gamits, The Queers, Against All Authority, The Rise, Ghost Buffalo, Laymen Terms, Kane Hodder, Honor System, Adventures of Jet, and Cadillac Blindside. I also promise that you can expect the following compilations: Broken Lamps 2, Amp Hardcore and Amp Metal, Jawbreaker Tribute, Green Day Tribute, and No Fi Trash.

I’m thinking this might be the go-to Valentine’s gift for the hipster hubby/boyfriend/significant other/rocker pal in your life. I mean, a huge stack of 25 or 50 new CDs to rock out to? Surely there will be at least a handful of new favorites to load into the iPod. Not a bad way to spend a winter evening, and it’s less that you’d probably spend on seeing just one of the bands at a live show.